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Rights in Simple Workflow

Question asked by jlabuelo on May 15, 2008
Latest reply on May 18, 2008 by jlabuelo
Good Afternoon Guys…

Please let me ask you something that I assume is really silly, but I dont get to understand. Let me explain you what I am trying to get.

I have three spaces designed in the HR department ( lets make this example)
a) space: In_Development
b) space: Revision
c) space: Approved

I have also created two users that will have access to these three spaces:
User1 and Manager1

What I want to do, is just creating a simple approval workflow that will get the documents moved from In_Development to Revision for their revision, and then after being reviewed they will be moved to Approved or moved back to In_Development… simple isnt??

So what I have done for User1 is
In_Development: Collaborator. So the can create new documents and submit them for a review.
Revision: Consumer, as I dont want him to be able to edit the content once is there, and also dont want them to be able to submit the approval of this document.
Approved Consumer, as once they are approved they can not be edited, and dont want him to add content to this space.

Then for user Manager1
In_Development: Consumer. So he can only read the content in here
Revision: Contributor, as I dont want him to be able to edit the content once is there, bt want him to be able to submit it to approved
Approved Contributor

The problem is that if I configure the users and spaces like that, and then I use User1 to submit the content to Revision, I get an error saying that the user dont have the right permissions to add content to the space, but I want to submit the document for a review, to a place where User1 is not able to submit it for Approval himself? Do you know what I mean?

Can anyone help me with the right configuration?

Also I have a question, if most of the spaces I need people to be able to Read, add content, edit content…. dont want them to be able to Invite users or add new business rules… is there any place where I can create my own permisions and then assign them to the users???

Thanks a lot guys