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BUG in createNode() for custom types?

Question asked by mabayona on May 15, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2009 by mrogers
I´ve found out what seems to be a bug the createNode() JS function (in 2.9 at least). If you define custom types (both for cm:content and cm:folder subtypes) e.g.

   <type name="myModel:myType">
      <title>My custom Type</title>

when calling the function createNode(). E.g.

          var props = new Array();
          props["cm:name"] =  "a name";
      props["cm:description"] =  "a description";
      var my_subspace = my_space.createNode(null, "myModel:myType", props);

my_subspace is created, but is somehow not complete (e.g.{}source is not filled) and this has some subtle problems. The missing fields can be seen using the  "Node Browser" in the Administration Console.

Is this really a bug?
am I missing something?
it ois already known/reported?