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JCR-RMI and transactions

Question asked by adepue on Feb 13, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2007 by rdanner
If this should be in the JCR-RMI plugin forum, let me know.  Anyway, we currently embed Alfresco within our app, and would like to move it out as a separate service.  We would also like to move to the standard JCR API in the process.  It looks like, for now, that means JCR over RMI.  However, we make heavy use of transactions and need Alfresco to participate in them (we are currently using Spring + JOTM, but will be moving away from JOTM shortly).  Does JCR-RMI support this in any way?  Forum searches are turning up similar questions, but no answers.  Also, does Alfresco cope with the fact that RMI calls in a JCR session can happen over different threads?

Thanks in advance.