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navigating to parent of a document-associated forum topic

Question asked by jason.botwick on Feb 14, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2007 by gavinc
One of my users has noticed that there is no easy way to navigate from a forum, topic or post back to the document that it's associated with. Using the bread crumbs, you can get back to the space containing the document under which the forum presumably lies, but you can't go right to the document itself. In a space containing a lot of documents, this is a pain. Users sometimes forget the name of the document when they navigate up to the parent space, or they must page down to find it, or whatever.

This seems strange to me. Clearly the forum is associated with the specific document, since the discussion icon appears with it in its parent space. So why is the forum topic list or a post within not aware of its parent document? Where is this connection made?

Can anyone suggest a way to derive a link to a forum's parent document inside the topic.jsp file?