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Login Authentication and created user space

Question asked by froed on May 18, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2008 by janeerdekens

I have some question regarding the login athentication and the creation of user spaces.

I have in the 2.9B the NTLM ( also LDAP) running and I am authenication against a Win2k3 DC. Authenication works so far quite well, but there might be some misunderstanding in how the user spaces created.

The user with name 'hugo' logs in, is autenticated against the AD and the user home space 'hugo' is created.
Now, the same user logs in with his email adress '' is authenticated against the AD and the user home space '' is created.
looking at the folders, these two home spaces are different.

I would expect, and hopefully this is possibly, that regardless if the user uses his 'email adress' or his 'netbios ' login name, that the same user home folder is created/used.
Is there any way to accomplish this ?

If not, it would be fine for me, to only allow logins by using the email adress (''), but not the netbios name ('hugo') or the other way around.

Thanks in advance