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Webscript & virtualisation

Question asked by boneill on May 19, 2008
Latest reply on May 19, 2008 by pmonks

I need to retrieve properties from avm nodes to display as dynamic information in my webapp.    I have written a webscript that retrieves metadata from objects in an avm store.  The webscript will be called from a jsp in the webapp.

The webscript takes a "username" argument in order to create a storeid (webprojectdns + "–" + username).  This ensures that the data I retrieve in my webscript is from the correct store/sandbox.  I can test this script and get great results.  But it is flawed asI need to pass in a username in order to construct the storeid. And how does the jsp understand which username to pass to the webscript.

So how do you write webscripts so that they can be used with wcm virualisation and specific for a sandbox.