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Storing adress information as properties

Question asked by kbonnet on May 19, 2008
hi all,

we would like to store multiple addresses in document/space properties. The separate fields of the address would have to go in different properties. So the street field should have its own repeatable property, and so would the city.

Is there any way to keep these addresses together for search queries? So when i would do a search for Alfrescoroad in Lucene City i wouldnt find the documents/spaces with other streets in LuceneCity, because the objects also have other these other street, but in other cities attached to them?

I know OpenText Livelink uses "sets" to keep these kinds of sets of properties together. But when performing a query it wouldnt be able to keep them together either. Only via a database query.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance and Kind regards,

Koen Bonnet