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Security managed by the web container of webService client.

Question asked by anweber on Feb 15, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2007 by andy

       Is there a way to obtain a solution where the transfer of the user account (userId, password) for the initial connection to the webService layer is managed by the web container of the calling web application?

       What I try to do is to transmit user credentials from my web application to a webService of Alfresco.  I will try to be more precise.  I have to fournish a web application (in fact it's a portal application in WebLogic Portal) communicating with Alfresco through the webServices layer.  The first call to this layer, will be a connection  : some thing like authenticationService.connect(user, password) and it returns a ticket.  I want to use the account of the current user of my web application.  Of course, I can ask the name of the current user to my web container but I can't obtain his password.  My feeling is that it should be managed by the webContainer. But it is possible?  Is the way Alfresco use WSSE during the connection stage standard enough?

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