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Deployement to an ASR

Question asked by boneill on May 20, 2008
Latest reply on May 20, 2008 by boneill
Hi guys,

I have created an ASR deployment to a remote server and run it successfully. 

Details of deployment says:
COPIED nissanpoclive:/www/avm_webapps/ROOT/models/Micra.html
COPIED nissanpoclive:/www/avm_webapps/ROOT/models/xml/features/Micra_features.xml
COPIED nissanpoclive:/www/avm_webapps/ROOT/models/xml/Micra.xml

Well it says everything deployed successfully but I cannot find the avm store I was expecting to see on the remote server. I have mapped a cifs drive as follows:


There is nothing in the AVM folder.  No deployed foldes or files from the source wcm webproject appear in the AVM folder. 

Am I looking in the correct place for the deployed files.

I set up hte ASR as follows:
Installed Alfresco ECM server
Copied config files, such as a custom content model and xmlExtractor, over to the asr server.
Started the ECM, it starts fine.
Installed wcm server (not sure if this is needed)
started wcm server.

I then created the deployment.  I only specify the Host name in the config and accept all other defaults.  As I said, running it says it deploys successfully but I cannot find the files.   

I have also created a deployment to localhost as a test.  That also deploys fine but there is no sign of the "Store"live avm I was expecting.

Am I missing something in the install for the asr.  Wiki doco is very lean.