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Running the MMT but no ModuleManager.bat in 2.0 Comm Preview

Question asked by alexr on Feb 16, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2007 by alexr
I have downloaded and installed the Alfresco Tomcat Bundle (Setup) of version 2.0 Community Preview and was looking for the ModuleManagement.bat file to test the ModuleManagementTool, but the file just isn't there. Where can I find this batch-file? Do I have to download a different 2.0 version or is the ModuleManagement.bat only available in the definitive 2.0 version and not in the preview version?
I am keen on trying to deploy my own .amp modules and having this commandline tool would certainly help.

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On the Module Management Tool Alfresco WiKi it says:

Running the MMT

The MMT can be run by executing the following java class found in the Alfresco repository.jar.


In the extensions directory of an installed Alfresco installation there is a ModuleManager.bat that can also be used to execute the MMT.

For example:

   > ModuleManager.bat /module/recordsManagement.amp /install/Alfresco.war -verbose -preview

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