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Unable to checkout

Question asked by giustrov on May 20, 2008

in our organization we have a space where only administrators can create content, so normal users can't check-in documents, but can edit already available contents. Group "EVERYONE" has the "editor" permission on that space.
We would like to permit normal users to check-out documents of that space to another space (let's call it "Sandbox"), where they can do inline html editing and then chek-in them to the original space with a new minor version.
The problem is that users can't perform check-out on documents (apart from those they own), neither in the original space (and this is correct), nor in another space (i.e. Sandbox). This is a some kind of bug according to my opinion. Infact, the "pencil" icon is correctly shown, and if one tries to edit a "non inline editable" document, i.e. a microsoft word doc, user is correctly requested to check-out the document.
So, checkout is possible only to non inline editable documents, while html and txt documents are only online editable (and this means that users can do a newer version when the modify them).

Is there something I can do to be able to check-out also html and txt documents?

Giuseppe Trovato