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NTLM with alfresco 2.9C

Question asked by invantix on May 20, 2008
I decided to try to upgrade because I was having problems with excel and the Office Components with 2.1CE.  This is fixed in 2.9C and after upgrading is working fine with the upgrade however NTLM passthru is broken.

I can see that we are in fact authenticating against the active directory so I believe I am partially set up OK.  It took a while to figure out that some package names changes and that the system was loooking at file-servers.xml and ignoring the file-servers-custom.xml entries.

The problem now is I am now prompted for my password.  The username shows up filled in but the password is empty.  With 2.1CE everything passed through and I came directly to myAlfresco space.

By the way, I am prompted for both userId and Password when using a webdav URL.  I was not with 2.1.

Most interesting is that I am not prompted for pw when using the office component!  I get right to my space and can edit docs….

Any ideas? :?: