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Problems setting up JLAN SMB with Win32/NetBIOS

Question asked by apogodin on May 21, 2008
Hello everybody,

I am trying to configure JLAN so it uses Win32/NetBIOS to announce its shared drives.
Is it possible to set up SMB so that both old Windows share and Jlan share are accessible through the same host name?

Suppose my computer name is FIGURA. FIGURA workstation initially exposes a shared folder //FIGURA/public.
I started JLAN service and specified <host name="FIGURA" …> together with a new folder /myJlanFolder.
So I am expecting either to see two folders under //FIGURA i.e.

or my new settings

But instead, I see only //FIGURA/public.

In order to expose /myJlanFolder I need to provide a new host name i.e. <host name="MY_NEW_HOST" …>
But after that:
user has to type //MY_NEW_HOST to see /myJlanFolder

Config file attached

Best regards,

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?>
<!– <!DOCTYPE jlanserver SYSTEM "jlanserver.dtd"> –>

<host name="FIGURA" domain="WORKGROUP">

<Win32Announce interval="5"/>

<!– Requires running the server using the root account –>
<!–<netBIOSSMB platforms="linux,macosx,solaris"/>
<tcpipSMB platforms="linux,macosx,solaris"/>–>

<!–<hostAnnounce interval="5"/>–>
<sessionDebug flags="Negotiate,Socket,Tree"/>

<authenticator type="local">


<debug flags="File,Search,Error,DataPort,Directory"/>

<debug flags="File,FileIO"/>


<diskshare name="myJlanFolder" comment="myJlanFolder">
<diskshare name="myJlanFolder2" comment="myJlanFolder2">



<user name="jlansrv">
<comment>System administrator</comment>
<user name="normal">