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Problem working with the SVN Repository....

Question asked by duxtinto on May 21, 2008
Hi everyone.

I have been trying to work with the SVN source code repository on eclipse (using subversion plugin), but i can't access to it (even though 1 month ago it was working on the same environment).

I read some posts in these forums, and I discovered that you need to use you alfresco community username and password (anonymous access is not allowed anymore).

I tryed my username and password, and i got the following error:

Could not connect to :ext:svn co svn:// I/O exception occurred: CreateProcess: ssh -l svn co svn cvs server error=2
CreateProcess: ssh -l svn co svn cvs server error=2

I supposed that the system can't create a ssh tunnel with the alfresco system because in windows systems there is not a ssh command.

I tried to search how to use ssh with subversion in windows, and i found this post:

After follow its instructions, i can't get it working.

Does anybody get subclipse working against the new alfresco SVN server in windows environment?
Do you know any other way for accessing to the svn content from windows systems?