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Add logotype when creating pdf from word

Question asked by ahab on May 21, 2008

I'm wondering if there's a feature in Alfresco that can solve my problem.

When we close a deal we make sure to sign a contract with the client. We keep the signed contract in our safe but want an electronic copy to be available. We therefore create a word document which we then turn into a pdf once it's been signed (to make alterations harder).

We normally write our documents on paper that has our logotype preprinted on them (part of the letterhead). This means that the contract we create has a partly empty letterhead. This won't be a problem since the logotype already is on the paper.

The problem is that sometimes we need to mail a copy of the contract to someone. If we take the document which we have printed on our preprinted paperthe letterhead will still be partly empty when we mail it. This does not look good! At other times we need to reprint a copy of the contract and snailmail it to the customer, then we user our preprinted papers and therefore we want our letterhead to be partly empty once again…

What I would like is a feature in alfresco that lets me create a document, and then either creating two versions of it (one with, and one without the logotype) or the possibility to add/remove the logotype depending on what I want to do with the document (i.e. print on preprinted paper or mail a pdf). In the first case I would need changes in one document be transferred into the second document.

Hope I've been clear, if not reply with a question.