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Test Server functionality

Question asked by kmehta31 on May 22, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2008 by ribz33
I have very specific requirements described below for Preview Functionality:

Background: The site is running on flash (fetching content through web scripts). Whenever the content is created/modified there is no way to preview the changes because web scripts are not supported by the Virtualization Server. Hence at present all the content is pushed to the Staging without previewing it. The actual testing is done using the Staging environment.

Now there is another issue that if someone push the content to Deployment ahead of others; all the subsequent versions would be deployed leading to untested content to be deployed along with the current version.

Probable Solutions:

1) Alfresco 2.2 has Test Server functionality but it won't be possible to deploy as many Test Server as concurrent preview activity practically. Is there any way by which we can have only one Test Server and all the users deploy their modifications to this server. In general this Test Server will have content from (Staging + User A + User B + …) and so on.
The user generally don't have anything in common. And once the user have previewed their things they can delete their content from the Test Server. i.e. if all users finish with their testing the test server would be having same content as that of Staging Environment.

2) If the issue of web script preview is resolved somehow. If anyone knows how to make the web scripts run in the Virtualization Server

3) Setting up two Staging Environment. One would be Testing Stage environment. Then once things are approved on Testing Stage; it will be merged with the main staging environment. Is it possible to setup something like this?

4) Any other solution if you can share

Please help it is very urgent.

Thanking you in anticipation.