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2.1 or 2.9x for 'internal' production?

Question asked by folke on May 22, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2008 by folke

We are looking at changing our dokuwiki / "different documents scattered over different places" system with perhaps Alfresco.
We have used dokuwiki for some time now, but the need tu upload pdf's and ms documents is taking more and more time.
So I have looked at alfresco for some time now and it really looks good.
The thing that really appeals is the option to both run versioningon both CIFS and web part.

But now to the question in hand, the use is for internal tech documentation for our IT-Department.
Do you think that we should start up with 2.1 community, or directly go to 2.9B and then update to 3.0 in july/august?

We are mostly going to use document, versioning, cifs. So no fancy wcm stuff at first at least.