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localization fallback

Question asked by damonsmith on May 22, 2008
Hi, I'm looking into properly migrating my highly localized web app to alfresco WCM.  I can currently configure it to deliver JSP pages and properties files full of localizations, but instead of doing that, I'd like to use those localizations and pages to generate a bunch of static HTML pages, rather than have to export them to properties files in the app and use them dynamically.

We have lots of short localized string used around the site, headers, labels, tooltips etc.  Also we have three levels of localization; brand, region and locale, any of which should fall back to the standard (common brand, common region, common locale) localization if none exists there.  Any pointers on how and where I'd start to configure that would be appreciated.

Furthermore, all of our other content needs to take the same structure, so default localized images can be deployed into locale based directories, and links to those images can be versioned and set to the correct folder based on the brand region and/or locale.  Same for css, javascript, anything.  I have a few options to get around the image asset thing, but the static HTML page generation is the interesting part for me.

Thanks in advance,