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Error when creating content from wizard

Question asked by aibrahim2k2 on May 22, 2008

I am going through the WCM 2_2 Product Evaluation Guide and I'm having trouble with creating the Press Release pages.  I go through the wizard for the Press Release Form to create the page and I get the following content:  "WorldEconomicForum_Tech_Pioneer.xml (same as Company".  Dumb question but shouldn't the filename end after .xml?  Even with this error, the following files are created successfully:  WorldEconomicForum_Tech_Pioneer.txt and WorldEconomicForum_Tech_Pioneer.html. 

I try to click the link on the News page to open the page, but I'm directed to the "WorldEconomicForum_Tech_Pioneer.xml (same as Company" file and prompted to download it.  I tried to remove the last little bit from the file name but I get the following error:  A system error happened during the operation: Lock Exists: [.avm_lock_table, web_projects, alfrescosample, 956c2ed4788437a24499e12345952889].  I think this happens because the file is locked, but I am the user that is locking it. 

Is there any way around this.  I really like this product and I would like to finish this demo, but I can't get past this error :cry:

Thanks in advance