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Deployments, overwriting and pain

Question asked by marcus on May 23, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2008 by marcus
My current environment setup is as follows

  • Development env for figuring out JSP layouts etc

  • Authoring env for content authors to upload and manage site content

  • Staging env for business users to get a final preview before content is approved for live

  • Live env in standalone app server, that uses webscripts pointing back at a runtime alfresco
The ideal scenario is that the Dev env points via an ASR to the authoring env, via another ASR to the staging env, via an ASR or FSR to the live env. However, because content is actually authored during the second step, and the alfresco deployment mechanism wipes out anything in a target environment not in the source, all content authoring done in the Authoring env is destroyed. Obviously this isn't a workable solution.

Is there some configuration that can be done to the receiver so that it DOESN'T do deletions? I can see how I could use a layered folder to get around the web project being affected by keeping code and content in separate projects, but this is not really workable either as creating a new site using the 'content' site as a template doesn't bring any shared folders across. Am I reduced to going back to rsync?