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Liferay - Alfresco content portlet can't access WCM ?

Question asked by alf_beg on May 23, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2008 by alf_beg
Hi !

I have the Alfresco Content Portlet running within Liferay. I can create any content anywhere with alfresco and I can display it in the portlet in liferay by selecting the right item (for instance test.html).
But when I create a Web project (TestProject) using WCM, i can't see the files that are within the the TestProject space from the Alfresco Content Portlet.
Indeed I would like to use the content captured from the forms (created throught WCM) to display within a portlet in liferay.

I am using the bundle liferay-portal-tomcat-5.5-5.0.1 and alfresco-enterprise-war-2.2.0 on two separate servers. My alfresco virtualisation servers is also running.

Can someone help please?