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CIFS doesnt connect!

Question asked by burner on Feb 21, 2007

i have a proble with cifs.

Well i can connect on my computer wtih cifs and on my computer is Alfresco 1.4 installed (XP).

But when i want to acces Alfresco from another computer i can log in but CIFS dont work.There is always the message:

file//xxx_a/alfresco cant be found.

He i dont get it and dont know what it means.Anyways why is file standing there.

I went through the configurations and added the domain Wins broadcast.

When i switched on the log4j i had : user wiederhold,access denied
disallow via md4

widerhold is the user from the pc but he logged on alfresco with admin admin.
wiederhold is his logfinname for windows.

why is cifs lookin for the WindowsLogINName and not the Alfresco?

Can someone help me please