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API to create/modify Alfresco users/groups

Question asked by rnoska on Feb 22, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2007 by kevinr
I'm looking for a way to pragmatically create/modify Alfresco users/groups externally in real-time.  So, essentially some kind of API or web service that can be called from outside of the Tomcat/Alfresco context.  I would like to call this API in from our user authentication repository service when users/groups are added or updated in that repository.  The repository may or may not be ldap based.

Example use case:  An administrator adds a new user to the global repository.  The global repository would connect to Alfresco in real time and create the matching Alfresco user and set the group and user properties to match the settings in the global repository.

I understand that user creation may be possible via the Administration Web Service.  I did find some documentation for this under:

Are there any code examples or other docs that provide additional detail on using the Administration Web Service for the purpose of user/group modifications?  

Is there a similar API mechanism for working with groups?