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Shared Hosting - Serving Multiple Customers from Alfresco

Question asked by edgar on Feb 22, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2007 by alexander

What are the options in using the Web Content Management capabilities of Alfresco (2.0) in a "shared hosting" environment. With shared hosting I mean using a single (web) server to host multiple customers, where each customer has one or possibly even more web sites running in Alfresco.

A normal set-up for us (we do hosting, amongst other things) with other content management systems (CMS) we host is the following:
- one web server with the CMS running on it
- one database server

Some CMS's support shared hosting in that multiple customers (with potentially multiple websites) all run in a single CMS installation. Other CMS's support it in us installing the CMS multiple times (one installation per customer) on a single server machine.

What options does Alfresco give us in this respect? I specifically mention "customers" here instead of web sites or web projects because for us it is important that each customer has an environment that is separated from the other customers. E.g. customers do not share a user-base and do not share content definitions. So for example a single Data Dictionary Space shared by multiple customers is not acceptable.

Any ideas here?