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Anyone using the Alfresco JCR RMI APIs?

Question asked by theorbix on May 26, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2008 by theorbix

Has anyone been using the JCR RMI API of Alfresco to develop a real-world web application (with real world I mean a working application, not just a proof of concept)?

I refer to this API:

My company needs to implement a customized web application that will run on a separate JBoss context (so we won't be able to use the native Alfresco Repository API and the Alfresco JCR Interface: both are local interfaces that can't be remotized).

For certain reasons, we would not like to use the Web Services and WebScripts interfaces (Web Services, in particular have a strange bug/limitation that cause expiration of authentication tickets, as described here:, so were thinking to use the JCR RMI Extention.

Has anyone actually used this interface? Feedback? Does it have serious problems/limitations, or does it work properly?

In particular, we are worried by the following comments in the wiki:

- JCR interfaces have not been optimized for a remoting/distributed environment. This means the make a lot of fine grained calls over the wire which may constitute a performance issue.
- RMI relies on object serialization .. some content types have node properties that may be tricky to handle. Watch out RMI can be a real headache.

If someone has used these interfaces…. are these really serious issues in the development of an application?