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webuser self-registration possible ?

Question asked by darshan on Feb 23, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2007 by jcox
Hello Friends,

I am currently evaluating Alfresco Community Edition
ver 2.0 (ECM + WCM) for building user submitted
content based website.

I am looking for webuser self-registration (membership management)
with following support:

- Email verification for user registration
- captcha support
- remember me on this machine
- profile management (editing for password/email/other)
-password recovery (forgot password)

I have gone through tutorials, Alfresco Book
(by Munwar Shariff) , available docs and have
searched on google but could not find info regarding

The default user management in alfresco is admin
driven. Are there any add-ons available to make user
self-registration possible ?

Many thanks in advance