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Validate inbound xml documents against a XSD Schema

Question asked by kbpair on Feb 23, 2007
I am new to Alfresco and it seems there may be several ways to do this so I am looking for the best approach.

We have different documents sent to us from different sources (could be via ftp, file system, web service)

I need to determine the correct schema to validate the document against (this could be by filename or space or content type)

Then I need to validate the document and if valid potentially move to another space or update a property on the node. If it is not valid need to move to a rejected folder or change the name or set a property.

Should I be using Javascript to access Java to do the validation. If so do I pass in a url to the schema  or should the schema be a property.

Can Freemarker do this? Do I need advanced workflow or just a script?

Any help is appreciated.