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Checking in image via CIFS is really really slow

Question asked by anna_kane on May 27, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2008 by anna_kane

We are prototyping an image management solution where there will be a lot of images checked into Alfresco. They would be checked in via CIFS, and we are just floored by the performance. Drag-and-drop an image file into the Alfresco shared drive takes between 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and during that time, Alfresco is not responding at all. While the image is dragged into the shared drive, we are trying to refresh the web client at the same time, but the server totally hangs. Even for image files that less than 20KB, Alfresco still hangs for 1 minute, during which no one can access it.

And the server will end up with the following error:

org.alfresco.jlan.netbios.win32.WinsockNetBIOSException: 10054:SendSocket - Conn
ection reset by peer
        at org.alfresco.jlan.netbios.win32.Win32NetBIOS.SendSocket(Native Method
        at org.alfresco.jlan.netbios.win32.NetBIOSSocket.write(NetBIOSSocket.jav
        at org.alfresco.jlan.smb.server.win32.WinsockNetBIOSPacketHandler.writeP
        at org.alfresco.jlan.smb.server.SMBSrvSession.sendResponseSMB(SMBSrvSess
        at org.alfresco.jlan.smb.server.SMBSrvSession.sendResponseSMB(SMBSrvSess
        at org.alfresco.jlan.smb.server.NTProtocolHandler.procWriteAndX(NTProtoc
        at org.alfresco.jlan.smb.server.NTProtocolHandler.runProtocol(NTProtocol
        at org.alfresco.jlan.smb.server.SMBSrvSession.runHandler(SMBSrvSession.j
This happens to image and office (Excel and Word) files. No problem with pdf files, I can drag in a pdf file and it is checked in right away, even if the file is pretty large.

However, if I check in images via the web client, there's no performance problem. The image and office files are checked in instantaneously.

What is going on?

Here are my system config:

OS: Windows XP (SP2)
DB: PostgreSQL 8.3.0
Java: JDK 1.5.0_12
Alfresco: 2.9B
HD: 10,000RPM SATA