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Setting properties on AVM nodes with javascript webscript

Question asked by stevereiner on May 27, 2008
Latest reply on May 31, 2008 by stevereiner
I have added a new tab view in flexspaces with a tree and dual folders for navigating and working with AVM stores. While working on properties dialog and create folder support, I ran into this problem:
Setting title and description  doesn't work (get null values on these properties when look at the result in the node browser in admin console in web client)
Should I be doing something "special" to set properties on avm nodes? Using avmNode.rename(newname) does work for names.  Tried setting other properties without doing anything with name to isolate. Using 2.90C_dev 04 23 08 (Used the javascript debugger and saw values for description and title getting into javascript avm script node, just not into the avm repository)

var avmNode = avm.lookupNode(pathWithStore); = "title"; = "description";;