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Alfresco 2.0 + MySQL not working?

Question asked by ewatz on Feb 24, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2007 by ewatz
Hi, fairly new to Alfresco here. I had a v1.4 setup working with MySQL database. Looking to migrate to the latest 2.0 version but there appear to be errors with the MySQL portion…
Here are the steps taken so far:

Uninstalled the 1.4Community version, and uninstalled MySQL. Performed a reinstall of MySQL, followed standard setup instructions as given elsewhere in Alfresco docs (same setup used that worked for 1.4 edition) and installed the latest 2.0Community version. Followed 1.4 documentation notes for changing over to MySQL database and performed steps exactly as I did with 1.4.  Seeing large #'s of errors at Alfresco.war startup.

- Are there any known issues with MySQL and Alfresco 2.0Community?
- Are setup steps different to get it working with MySQL?