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DropDown in custom content type

Question asked by daniele001 on May 28, 2008
I've to admit: I'm very new to Alfresco content type, so maybe my question will be very obvious for others, but not for me.

I've created a custom content to handle Financial contracts, all my medatada are loaded correctly via standard fields in the web interface.

I want to customise the field "Currency" to accept just a value between EUR USD and GBP. I'm quite crazy to find a way to have a dropdown menu with just this  options.
Where I can find an example for this?
in my web-client-config-custom.xml, I've  <show-property name="od:contractCurrency"  display-label-id="cnCurrency" />

I think I need to add an aspect to this that contains just the 3 options….. but.. how?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Kind regards