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Question asked by naveenkumar on May 28, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2008 by lakshmi
Hi all,

Does anybody know how to enable NTML Auth + LDAP synch.

I had used LDAP auth + LDAP sysch, imported the users to alfresco from AD.

Now i wud like to disable LDAP auth and make NTML authentication. I tried to rename ldap-authentication-context.xml but theres a bean 'ldapInitialDirContextFactory' thats been used by ldap-synchronisation-context.xml that requires this bean.

I went thru wiki got to know how to enable NTML auth. My question is how to enable it with dap sych,

Does anybody have the time to give me just a pointer to the config files and it wud be great.

Reason i am asking this is i get  exception when i enable NTMLAuthentication (for webdav and authentication filter)in web.xml::

Exception au démarrage du filtre WebDAV Authentication Filter
javax.servlet.ServletException: Required authentication mode not available
    at org.alfresco.repo.webdav.auth.NTLMAuthenticationFilter.init(

thank you