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Link Management

Question asked by arash.kaffamanesh on Feb 25, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2007 by arash.kaffamanesh
Does Alfresco WCM support Link Management.

Link Management (also known as Content Relationship Engine or Permalink Support by some wcm's) adds the capability that no dead links could appear on a site, if referenced documents and links from a page have been moved (renamed).

WCM'S which support Link Management reference resources via id's (uuid's).

Use Case:

An Editor renames a document or html page which has been linked /  referenced form other html pages. The links of those pages which have a reference to this page will remain intact and don't get corrupted (dead links).

On deletion of documents and other resources which have been referenced from other pages, the user will be informed that some documents would get dead links. A list of all documents which would have dead links will be shown to the user (dead links report).

Some WCM'S provide Internal and External Links (e.g. external internet links) Checking tools for webmasters and end users.