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ExternalAccessServlet problem

Question asked by doblek on Feb 26, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2007 by doblek

I've made a portlet that points to the node we want to navigate to using the ExternalAccessServlet and shows the content provided by the Alfresco WebClient using an IFrame html tag…
In order to do so, the appropiate AuthenticationResult object (from which I can extract the ticket) is also created.

Everything works fine for the first time it runs… but it's always displaying wrong nodes and/or users for subsequents portlet renderings…

I mean…
I create the following URL for a user:
Then the portlet renders the right content, since Alfresco WebClient navigates to the right node and recognizes the right user…

But then I want the portlet to navigate to the user's home-folder, so I create the following URL:
And I'm getting the same result as if I were at the previous node…

Though it's some kind of weird since I open a new browser window, I paste that URL and I navigate to the correct folder (that is, the user's home folder)  :(

Something similar happens if the user logs out from the portal… the portlet recognizes the situation, so it ends the session previously opened and builds the right URL:
but then the iframe portlet renders the same content again (as if I were the previous user trying to navigate to the initial node) =/
And, as in the former case, if i paste the url to a new browser I get the right node and authentication…

The only explanation I'm able to think of is that my portlet is going through some cache problems…
Does anyone know if I'm wrong? If there is any Alfresco cache problem, how can I solve it?

Thanks in advance =D