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CIFS connection from XP is very slow

Question asked by singletonbean on May 30, 2008
Hi all,

I have Alfresco (2.1 community) running under Ubuntu 8.04 Xen server as DomU (Sybase SQL Anywhere 10 as DB).

File transfers from XP to that machine via CIFS are very slow.
So I did some benchmarking. I've copied the same 10 files (~70MB) from another Linux machine via NFS/CIFS in different scenarios:
    1) Source files (on a Linux Samba server) via Win XP(SP2) to Alfresco (CIFS to CIFS) took ~ 54s (same results when copied from local XP HD)
    2) Copying via another Ubuntu 8.04 DomU (mounted using CIFS, so CIFS to CIFS again) took ~ 25s
    3) same as 2) but mounted using NFS, so NFS to CIFS took ~ 20s
    4) Source files folder locally mounted on the Alfresco DomU to locally mounted Alfresco CIFS share took ~ 8s
    5) lsame as 4) but source files mounted via NFS took ~ 6s
    6) source files via shared drive to local XP drive ~ 3s (source isn't slow)
So it doesn't look like the Alfresco CIFS share is so slow at all. Why is the connection from XP to Alfresco so slow then?

Thx for your help!