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XML Schema and XML Content

Question asked by cornekloppers on Feb 27, 2007
Hi all

I'm currently investing a lot of time looking into utilizing JCR for
getting a huge amount of content under control (Legislative- and
parliamentary data).

Background information:
I'm busy implementing XSD's for defining the document content structures for
each document type found within a Legislative context, documents like
Gazettes, Case Law, Journals, Bill, e.g. I'm planning to use these XSD's
to validate the legislative XML documents.
Currently the legislative content is in Folio format so one of my first planned tasks is to convert the Folio content into XML. The developed XSD’s will then be used for validation purpose.

My questions:
1.   How can XSD’s be utilized within Alfresco and how does XSD relate to the Data Dictionary?

2.   Can node structures within the repository be automatically setup by reading/importing existing XSD’s?

3.   Is there any import functionality for importing XML files (content) into an Alfresco repository so that each tag in the XML file is represented as a node?
To my understanding this will give you the most flexibility for cross referencing your data?

My apologies for the million questions :-) But any insight will be much

Kind regards,
Corné Kloppers
Cape Town, South Africa