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semantic search in alfresco

Question asked by jmarti on May 30, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2011 by stevereiner

I'm wondering about the possibility of implementing "semantic search" in Alfresco? Not sure if "semantic" is the right word…

What I would like to get is:
         - Search for a word.
         - You get docs containg and/or related to that doc.
         - You also get relations between those docs. Graphical display. Customer says wow, I want this. ;-))
                     -  Relations are based on common words containing those docs.
                     -  Those common words should also be similar to the word I started the search with.

Could anyone tell me how o where I could start digging?
Is there any module or plugin already working on this?

Alfresco is based on lucene indexes, so I tried looking for a lucene module for it. No luck.

Any idea?

Should I start this from scratch?