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pooledactors group name literal

Question asked by rhofkens on Feb 27, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2008 by jimcornmell

the new pooled tasks functionality in 2.0 is very useful.  I've managed to get it working in my customs flows with:

   <swimlane name="document-managers">
        <assignment class="org.alfresco.repo.workflow.jbpm.AlfrescoAssignment">
The assigned group is selected in the property sheet when starting the workflow.
According to the wiki, it's possible to use a group name literal here as well, this would mean the user doesn't have to pick one himself.  I've tried:

   <swimlane name="document-managers">
        <assignment class="org.alfresco.repo.workflow.jbpm.AlfrescoAssignment">

Using this swimlane leads to an error, even though the document-managers group exists in the repo:

16:24:15,836 ERROR [org.alfresco.web.ui.common.Utils] A system error happened during the operation: Failed to signal transition 'open_signup' from workflow task 'jbpm$25'
org.alfresco.service.cmr.workflow.WorkflowException: Failed to signal transition 'open_signup' from workflow task 'jbpm$25'
   at org.alfresco.repo.workflow.jbpm.JBPMEngine.endTask(
   at org.alfresco.repo.workflow.WorkflowServiceImpl.endTask(

I've also played around a bit with the new Javascript getGroup function but I don't seem to get it right.  Any ideas?