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PHP library installation

Question asked by tototurbo on Jun 1, 2008

I have a question (problem ?) regarding the alfresco php library installation (alfresco community 2.1, win xp, PHP 5, Apache 2, Tomcat 5.5) :

I tried to install this library directly with the amp package, but it doesnt work as i expected :
  • I can execute the PHP scripts from the web client (good !)
  • But the API doesn't seem to work. I can't run the sample code given in PHP API tutorial (, because it calls the files "session.php" and "repository.php" that are not installed  with the amp package.

  • I tried to install the library with the zip package, and then, the result is different, but not better :
  • The API works (i can run the tutorial 's sample code), the "session.php" and "repository.php" files are well installed into alfreso directory
  • But the PHP scripts can't be executed from the web client !!

  • Why does the two installations (zip and amp) lead to a different result ?
    Did i may a mistake during the amp installation ?
    And finally, does anybody succeed in doing the tutorials samples AND the scripts in web client work ?

    Thank you by advance