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SiteStore in 3.0

Question asked by loftux Moderator on Jun 2, 2008
I have noticed that there is a new store implemented in latest svn code, compiled so that I could see what slingshot might look like.
It worked well so far as to get some documents uploaded. When I looked for them with the regular web client, I could not find them. I found them using the node browser and in the new SiteStore.
This raises a few questions for me since there already exist one content store (SpacesStore):
Migration, will the SpacesStore be all migrated to the new SiteStore, or just different stores existing alongside for different clients?
If the SpacesStore is kept, will search work across stores?
Sites implementation, will each site be separated from the other, with the risk of "sharepoint" islands of information. Maybe configurable so that internal users have read access by default, and search can be cross site?
Moving/copying between sites, will that be possible?


Peter Löfgren