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FSR deployment configuration (firewall config?)

Question asked by dmakovey on Jun 2, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2008 by mrogers

I'm trying to get FSR deployment to work in my setup and after a bit of head-bumping and tcpdump sniffing I came to conclusion that despite of what says about the only port (44100 by default) Alfresco is trying to communicate using other port numbers as well. No my question is that in order to get some manageable configuration on FireWall I need to limit the range of ports FSR and Alfresco are trying to negotiate. How can I do this?

As an example: having server "A" running Alfresco and server "R" running receiver Once I have everything configured and initiate deployment I see that initially A:33312 is trying to connect to R:44100, but after some "back and forward" A:59960 is trying to connect to R:49848 and naturally firewall drops that connection after which Alfresco complains that it can't deploy content.

What I need it to be able to "predict" all the ports on R, to which A will try to connect. Better yet - I'd like to define which port range is "safe" to use for both.