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Connect to non aflresco db for information to display

Question asked by mholtzman on Jun 2, 2008
Hello all, I have been reading over the wiki and SDK examples for a while trying to figure out how to come up with a solution to to this problem.  Here is the basic outline of what I would like to do. 

I need to create a subset of (jsp) pages that reside within a regular Alfresco install.  These pages will need to interact with a database to perform certain operations.  We will be using Oracle as the database, so this separate db can either be a different schema from alfresco or a separate db.  This will include retrieving data from this other db, writing information, executing stored procs, etc.  It's basically a mini-app that needs to reside within Alfresco.  We expect to use the following services from Alfresco:  users and permissions, groups, Audit Log as a starting point. 

I have been looking at examples to create custom JSP and custom Actions but the examples don't quite do what I need.  They seem to interact on nodes or objects that exist within the Alfresco data store. 

Here are two use cases:
If user is in a certain group, display secondary menu bar -
user clicks link to display widgets. 
Widgets Display jsp is displayed which makes a call to a stored proc in the db to listWidgets.
Widget data is displayed on the page as a list of widgets

User wants to create a widget.
User clicks on create widget page,
enters data
clicks the save button which calls a stored proc - createWidget

For certain reasons the data I am talking about can not be modeled in Alfresco and I need to use this other database. 

Here are the tasks I need help in performing.
Create Custom (Action?) to get database connection such that I can execute statements on it
Create custom jsp page (and also freemaker template) to display this data

I would appreciate any help or links to pages in the wiki and docs that might show how I can start creating some tests for this.
Thanks, Mike