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Create project?

Question asked by pej on Feb 28, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2007 by kevinr
Is it possible to create, what I would call a "project" (I'd guess this would be a Space in alfresco) from a template that has predefined groups incorporated.

Groups can be, for example - Managers, Developers, Administrators and so on.

This is supposed to be "automagic" in the sense that a projectmanager clicks a button (or wizardlike handling) and the project (with underlying structure) is created.

The project (or space) has to be sealed off from other projects (spaces) so that invited members only see each other and has access only to the specific project(s) they are invited to. (I'm not sure this explanation is clear but…)

A hiearchial structure could look something like this:

ProjectHub (topmost level - something like Company Home - Only one instance)
        Owner (owner of one or more projects - One or many instances)
                Project (A project that holds predefined groups - One or many instances)
                        Group (A template of predefined roles as Administrators, Managers, Developers and so on)
Is this possible to do in alfresco with only the declarative tools or do I need to involve myself in some java/javascript programming to achieve it?.

The important part here is the separation of projects from each other, that members HAS to be invited to a specific project to even know it exists.