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Check out and copiedfrom aspect

Question asked by lehd on Jun 2, 2008
Hello all

We have found a probelm. Here is the description:
1. We have downloaded Alfresco 2.9B.
2. We created simple file.
3. We made a copy of it.
4. We removed the original file.
5. We tried to check out the copied file.
6. We got an error that the node is already locked.
After someinvestigations we found that the problem is caused by "incomplete" aspect.
The copied file has "copiedfrom" aspect but it's mandatory "source" property is null so IncompleteNodeTagger class tries to add "incomplete" aspect but after the node is already locked by checkout logic.
As a workaround we made the "source" property of the "copiedfrom" aspect non-mandatory in the content model.