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Deleted Files aren't moved in contentstore.deleted

Question asked by luca.vallongo on Jun 3, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2009 by etzapata
In my alfresco environment it looks like not all the deleted files are moved to the contentstore.deleted directory.
Can anybody help me please?
This is the situation:
A lot of files were deleted from the workspace store as well as from the archive store.
Currently the archive store is completly empty (I can verify this with the "Node Browser" functionality).
The contentStoreCleaner is configured with the protectDays property set to 1.
The day after the deletion only a few of the files were actually moved by the contentstoreCleaner from the contentstore to the contentstore.deleted directory.
Does anybody know how the contentstoreCleaner work in the deep? (I mean something more than "it moves orphaned contents in the deleted directory").

Luca Vallongo