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Problem with getting node description via AVMRemote

Question asked by mcmagi on Feb 28, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2007 by britt

I am using AVM Remote to access the descriptions of directories from within our web application.  Say I create a directory, 'exercise', in the root of the webapp and attempt to access the attributes of that directory with:

String realPath = servletContext.getRealPath("/exercise");
JNDIPath jndiPath = new JNDIPath(AVMFileDirContext.getAVMFileDirMountPoint(), realPath);
Map propMap = AVMRemote.getNodeAttributes(-1, jndiPath.getAvmPath());

I find that the description entry is present in the property map, but it's corresponding property value is empty.  If I print out all the properties on a newly created directory in a name=value fashion, I see this:


This code worked fine under the 2.0 preview, but the same code no longer appears to get me the description in the final release.  Is this a bug, or is there now another way to get at the description?

- Michael C. Maggio