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CIFS on win2003 64bit

Question asked by frederick on Jun 3, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2010 by kirit

While testing Alfresco 2.9B on a Windows 2003 professional 64bit server, we noticed that CIFS did not work correctly.
Our mapping is \\ice, which works most of the time. The trouble starts when a user clicks his way into a folder structure: after several clicks, either the explorer window closes, or an error message appears (system unavailable) and the window hangs.
Either way, we cannot use cifs for longer than a few seconds (though sometimes it lasts for several minutes).

In the logfile, the following errors appear:
08:27:15,821 ERROR [smb.protocol.mailslot] Host announce error  (LANA 4)
08:27:25,821 ERROR [smb.protocol.mailslot] Host announce error  (LANA 4)
08:27:45,822 ERROR [smb.protocol.mailslot] Host announce error  (LANA 4)
08:27:45,822 ERROR [smb.protocol.mailslot] Marked LANA as unavailable due to send errors

Has anyone else encountered this situation on a win64 environment?

It looks like this issue has been around for a while:
In our case also the returned status code is 119, which is not recognized by the Win32NetBIOSHostAnnouncer and is treated as an error.