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Move an Item to a Specific Space Dialog

Question asked by ebell on Jun 4, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2008 by ebell
So, working in Alfresco WCM, I'm trying to create rules for a space, and I'm using the rule dialog.  I've set the conditions of the rule that  I want to apply, continue through the wizard, and get to where I want to select the action that moves a piece of content to a specific space.  When I click set values and add a new screen, "Set action values" with a destination field shows up.  There's a hyperlink click here to set the destination.  When I click on that hyperlink, I get a folder browser attempting to start up, but the browser never finishes loading my directory structure.  Instead, there's just a small rotating arrow symbol. 
I've tried doing this on my local copy of alfresco, and the directory structure loads and I continue fine.  It's out on a server that I'm having trouble.  We're running alfresco on a Linux server on top of JBoss if that helps. 
Does anyone know what might be causing this error?