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Translation Memory TMX - HowTo

Question asked by loftux Moderator on Jun 5, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2008 by loftux
The Swedish Translation project now uses a translation memory for managing the translations.
The tool of choice at this time is OmegaT ( There are probably many others out there.

This gives some advantages:
- With subversion externals (the possibility to reference external source code repositories), the alfresco source messages files can be included directly as part of the project. Any svn update will automatically pick up the latest changes in the alfresco repository.
- You can also use externals to include any forge project that has a nice structure (separate message directory) if you so wish.
- OmegaT will pick up any new untranslated strings when starting. Just ctrl+u and you will see the next untranslated string. No need to diff properties files. And then maybe one keep up with the Alfresco developers speed
- OmegaT can use spell checking, so it becomes easier to spot typos.

There is a guide available at
It includes a brief overview on how to set up a project from start if you wish to use the same method.

The new project can be found at The reason for a new swedish forge project is the switch from cvs to svn (svn required for use of externals), not to have competing projects. Anyone who wish to help out is welcome.

Peter Löfgren