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Questions on 2.1 Community (Indexing, discussions, views)

Question asked by nullman on Jun 5, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2008 by andy
A few quick questions on Community 2.1

I was wondering if anyone can tell me why some documents (odt) do not get indexed. I uploaded a document to our test installation a few days ago and it still cannot be found when using the search feature even though I am entering text that is in the document. Some older odt files in the repository have gotten indexed, but this may have happen because I forced a full reindex. Can you point me where to look or correct this?

It seems anyone can edit anyone's post in the discussions area. It this intentional, or a bug? I made a post in a discussion attached to a document and someone else edited it instead of replying. Their changes wiped out my text and it still had my user name as the poster of the message (not good). Could you imagine this happening with any other forum, like the one we are on now?

If a user prefers a certain view, like Details, is there any way to get it to "stick"? Each time the user logs in they are back to using the Icon view.